Case Managers

Superior works with Amputee Case Managers to help patients on their road to recovery. We offer to help through our National Prosthetic Program, providing care and assistance for amputees across the country.

National Prosthetic Program

Superior’s National Prosthetic Program offers amputees from across the country one-on-one specialized care through a compact visit to our headquarters in Nashville, taking each patient from evaluation to delivery.

Superior provides patients with a complete care experience through advocacy, educational services, and in-house state-of-the-art prosthetic fabrication. We also coordinate rehabilitation with physicians and other members of your rehabilitation team.

The Patient Experience

Each patient will go through an extensive evaluation over the phone to understand his or her concerns and needs. From there, Superior will work to develop a specialized treatment plan specifically for the patient.

Each patient will then travel to Nashville for 2 to 3 days for a highly-personalized series of evaluations, castings, fittings, and adjustments for a new prosthetic device. The process includes physical or occupational therapy sessions as well as educational materials for the patient to use once he or she returns home.

While in Nashville, the patient and his or her family will get to experience some of Nashville’s highlights, whether it’s Tennessee BBQ or country music or a sporting event. Superior will handle the scheduling of all travel and accommodations for the patient and his or her family.

It’s a specialized, fun-filled and rewarding trip to Nashville for your patient.

For information about how to refer a patient for Superior’s National Prosthetic Program, contact our office at 615.340.0068.