Cody was just 16 years old when a car accident changed his life. He recalls the date easily – October 19, 2001. It was a Friday afternoon. He and a friend were driving down the road after school and were involved in a head-on collision.

"Once you can get past the mental hurdle, you just can't be stopped."

“I woke up a week later and didn’t know what happened,” Cody says.

Six months and several surgeries later, it was determined that Cody’s leg couldn’t be saved, especially after an infection complicated matters. At the time, he couldn't imagine anything about life being normal ever again.

“It was pretty hard,” Cody admits. “I didn’t think I'd ever be able to find a wife. I couldn't accept myself, so how could I expect someone else to accept me?”

Tough questions for a young teenager to deal with.

After turning 19, Cody met with the team at Superior Orthotics & Prosthetics, and his life changed forever.

“When I came here, I got higher level stuff to fit my age and activity,” he says. “They recommended an advanced surgery for my residual limb that's really helped give me the function I have today.”

Not only that, but eventually Superior also gave Cody something else – a job. For the past five years, Cody has been involved in the fabrication of prosthetic arms and legs for many of Superior's patients. It's a job that he takes very personally.

“When I make a leg, I think of it as I'm making it for me,” he says. “Putting a little bit of extra time into the small things really goes a long way. At the end of the day, the patient has to wear what I make, so I've got to dedicate that time to that individual patient so they get what they deserve.”

Other things have changed for Cody as well. He married his wife in 2007 and they are now parents to a young son, who's just learning how to walk and run.

“He's learning new tricks every day,” Cody beams proudly. “Summer's going to be great. I'm excited to go out this summer and play with him.”

Cody also enjoys working in the yard and playing golf, although he admits becoming a dad has significantly cut into his time on the links. He's also actively involved in his church. It's the life that at just 16 years old, he never thought he'd have. But here he is.

“That was my key, once I was able to accept myself … but it's a big mental hurdle you have to overcome. Once you can get past that, you just can't be stopped,” he says.