BioDesigns High-Fidelity (HiFi) Interface

Superior Orthotics & Prosthetics is a licensed provider of the BioDesigns lower extremity High-Fidelity Interface and the exclusive BioDesigns provider for the HiFi upper limb interface design in the Southeast United States.

The HiFi Prosthetic Interface with OsseoSync is designed to mimic the stability of a normal limb through direct connection to the bone, using a series of compression and release zones for greater stability, security and performance. Osseointegration provides this ability without requiring an invasive procedure.

Traditional prosthetic sockets encapsulate the limb, which has proven to be highly inefficient and not as effective in mimicking the movement of a normal limb. The HiFi Interface makes it feel like your limb and your prosthetic device are working together as one unit.

Patients who have used a HiFi Interface said they’ve had better overall performance, enhanced connectivity, increased comfort, an increased range in motion and improved rotational control. They’ve reported that using their prosthetic device requires less energy and that their prosthetic feels much lighter.

It’s a technological advancement that is changing the lives of amputees and helping our patients renew their possibilities.