National Prosthetic Program

Superior offers amputees nationwide  one-on-one specialized care through a compact visit to our headquarters in Nashville. In a matter of days, we'll take you from evaluation to delivery so you can return to living your life without limitations.

The Program

Superior's National Prosthetic Program provides patients with a complete care experience through advocacy, educational services, and in-house state-of-the-art prosthetic fabrication so you can live your life without limitations. We also coordinate rehabilitation with physicians and other members of your rehabilitation team.

The Process

We'll start with an extensive evaluation over the phone. We listen to your concerns, understand your needs and develop a treatment plan that will improve outcomes for you.

From there, we'll develop a personalized schedule for your stay in Nashville. The stay typically ranges between 2 to 3 days, depending on your particular needs and situation.

Travel and Accommodations

If you're concerned about flying with your prosthetic device, the Transportation Security Administration offers several options to handle security screenings, including the TSA Card, which will allow you to notify screening personnel about your prosthetic in a discreet way.

The TSA website offers more detailed information about the TSA screening process and your options for flying with a prosthesis.

The team at Superior will arrange your hotel accommodations. We typically arrange for stays at the Courtyard by Marriott on West End Avenue, the Hampton Inn on Elliston Place, or the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt on West End Avenue. Each hotel is convenient to the Superior office as well as all the attractions that downtown Nashville has to offer, including the Ryman Auditorium, the Lower Broadway honky tonk district, and Bridgestone Arena.

The Agenda

Day 1

If you're arriving via Nashville International Airport, we'll make arrangements to have you picked up and bring you to our headquarters on Charlotte Avenue.

From the moment you arrive in our office, you'll receive the one-on-one attention and custom experience that you deserve. We'll start with the simple process of getting to know each other, checking you in and briefing you on the full agenda for your visit.

The Superior team will then begin evaluations and castings and fabricate a test socket for a dynamic fitting.

In the evening, you'll have the opportunity to tour Nashville and try out your new prosthetic system. One of our Amp UP advocates will have a personalized agenda for you, from great Tennessee BBQ to country music or sporting and cultural events.

Day 2

We'll work with you to make modifications to the fit and function of your prosthetic.

Your laminated socket system will be fabricated and you'll receive the final delivery of your device.

You'll have the evening to do more exploring around Nashville. It's important to live your life on your new prosthetic system so you can provide feedback to us in order to improve your overall outcome.

Day 3

You'll start with physical or occupational therapy instructions for improved gait and function, balance and home exercising.

We'll go over educational materials and finalize cosmetic changes to your prosthetic device (if necessary) before you head home.


It's our goal to offer you a specialized, fun-filled and rewarding trip to Nashville. We believe we can drastically impact your life for the better and want the opportunity to help you redefine your possibilities.