Rehab Centers

Superior Orthotics & Prosthetics works with rehabilitation facilities with all aspects of care, including bracing and DME needs and on-site custom orthotic and prosthetic services.

Therapy Care Program

The Therapy Care Program is a customized program designed to assist skilled nursing and rehab facilities with DME and bracing needs. It provides therapists with the necessary information and guidelines to evaluate all bracing needs including how to measure for the device and place the order with Superior. Superior will ship the device to the facility and process all paperwork and claims.

For non-billable devices, Superior will bill the facility directly.

For more information on the Therapy Care Program or to place an order, call us at 615.340.0068.

Orthotic and Prosthetic Services

For assistance in custom orthotic and prosthetic services, contact our office to schedule a free on-site evaluation from a Superior practitioner.

To maximize time and efficiency, we offer a fleet of mobile units to service patients in facilities as well as their homes for custom orthotic and prosthetic devices. This allows for all casting, fitting, delivery and adjustments to be made in the comfort of the patient's facility or home.

To schedule an appointment for a custom orthotic or prosthetic evaluation, call our office at 615.340.0068.