It was a question that Vance needed to have answered.

Will I ever walk again?

As a construction worker in 2002, Vance was involved in a horrific accident at work. The machine he was on got into some guide wires, resulting in his electrocution. He survived the accident, but spent 20 days in the hospital and had both of his legs amputated – the right one above the knee, the left below the knee. His arm still bears the scars of the event as well.

"Everyone else told me no. Superior said yes."

After leaving the hospital as a double amputee, Vance began the process of having his question answered. It proved to be a frustrating experience.

“I actually went to a couple of other places first,” Vance says. “I had a wound that wasn't completely healed yet and they wouldn't touch me for at least another month. I needed to know if I could walk again.”

Vance eventually connected with the team at Superior Orthotics & Prosthetics and met Rob Pittman.

“Rob told me if I could take the pain, he could make me a leg,” Vance says. “He made me one and I walked. He did what nobody else would do for me. Everyone else told me no, and he said yes.”

Vance says he was fitted for his socket somewhere around 10 times during the rehab process because he still had those wounds that weren't healing well. But once they found a socket that would fit, he got up and started walking. That was just three months after his accident – far more quickly than he had been told to expect.

It's an experience and a process that still causes Vance to choke up with emotion.

“A lot of people who are double amputees, especially with one of them above the knee, they just stay in a wheelchair,” Vance explains. “I'm walking today because of Superior's help. They stuck with me.”

And it's not just walking these days, either. It's a lot of other activities, especially involving his two sons, who are now 12 and 7.

“When I was laying there, I didn't think I'd even be able to drive or fish like I used to or hunt like I used to,” Vance says.  “And I've done all those things. I can't do them the way I used to do them, but I still get out and do them.”

Vance admits that there are days that aren't easy. Sometimes it's a struggle to find the motivation or the strength to carry on a normal day.

“I have to push myself,” he says. “The good Lord, He gives me strength to get things done. I appreciate the second chance He gave me.”

And he's grateful for the team at Superior, which helped answer that ever so important question a decade ago and has been there with him every step of the way.

“The thing about Superior is that if it isn't right, they'll make it right,” he says. “That's been my experience. I'm not just saying that. It]s the truth.”